Ever Wonder How We Designed Our Large Masks?

Here at GiveAMask.ca, we’re constantly reminding people about the importance of getting masks that fit their face properly. We’re sympathetic to those who struggle to find the right mask to fit them, particularly when it comes to those with large or extra large masks.

Some people simply are taller, or have large beards or noses that necessitate an upgrade in their mask size. Not wearing a mask that fits your face can be just as bad as wearing no mask at all. Smaller masks will have difficulty covering both nose and mouth at the same time, and are much more prone to slipping off at inopportune times. 

Too often the “large” size is not nearly large enough.  Even when you can find a larger mask, it’s rare to find a proper fit. Large size masks are prone to having too much fabric in some parts, and not enough in others, leading to a mask that sags or even slides off.

At GiveAMask.ca, we wanted to go that extra mile for those who have trouble finding a mask that fits. We organized video calls with people who have this difficulty and discussed their concerns. Our (very patient!) volunteers had to hold up measuring tapes, pieces of yarn, and rulers to their faces (and their kid’s faces) to help us figure out their measurements. Eventually it did pay off and we were able to figure out what the measurements for a large face mask should really look like. 

Now GiveAMask.ca can offer masks for people with beards, big mustaches and plain large faces alike. 

Make sure you have a mask that fits your face, and your personality - browse our mask selection to find a mask for you.