Partners with Edmonton’s Food Bank, the Canadian organization co-founded by Paruksheen Dhunjisha and Michael Carrier, has found a way to make their buy-one-donate-one mask service go even further. By partnering with Edmonton’s Food Bank, they are helping essential workers get a free mask in Edmonton.

The Edmonton’s Food Bank Partnership’s products are Canadian made, cloth, washable, and reusable. They come in a range of colours and two sizes (adult and child). Every time a mask is purchased, a mask is donated to someone in need. With the Edmonton’s Food Bank partnership, using the coupon code Edmonton10 not only enables you to get 10% off the purchase of a mask, all the masks purchased with this code enable a donation directly to Edmonton’s Food Bank. The masks are worn by food bank volunteers and staff. There has never been a more convenient way to donate masks locally!

Why Donate Masks?

There are many people that need a free mask in Edmonton. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact whether or not one falls ill. The required economic shutdown, the loss of jobs, the choice between working or homeschooling and other factors have pushed vulnerable populations to the edge. The demand on charitable organizations, like Edmonton’s Food Bank, has increased, while staff and volunteers are routinely exposed to more people that may lack the ability to own a mask, change their mask frequently, or have access to places to sanitize or wash.

When you donate masks through the partnership, you help protect the men and women serving our underserved population. When you buy a mask through, you donate masks to those in need. With the requirements to wear masks in public places across most of Canada, with children requiring masks for schools, and the fact that masks should be changed when worn for an extended period of time – all while we are in a time when extra expenses are a burden due to job loss and business closures – donating masks is more important than ever. 

It Only Takes a Moment to do a World of Good

Right now we all need masks. Buy one through Not only will you be supporting Canadian manufacturing, you will receive a well-made, comfortable, durable mask while donating masks to those in need. Use the code Edmonton10 to donate a mask directly to an Edmonton’s Food Bank volunteer or staff member while saving 10% on your purchase. The simple act of buying a mask is helping others get a much needed free mask in Edmonton. There isn’t much we can do about the pandemic besides looking after ourselves and each other, so take the opportunity to help someone out as you stock up on masks, and to support a Canadian business that was founded for one purpose and one purpose only – to do some good in this world.