Goodbye <3

Dear... everyone who is reading this,

In case you hadn't heard, we're closing up (virtual) shop. Why? Well a number of reasons - we met our goals, we've kind of worked ourselves out of this volunteer position, and we're ready to move on to making a difference elsewhere. It's sad, we've loved doing this, we've learned a lot (really, our resumes look spectacular), and we've made new friends we're going to miss. But it's also kind of happy: it's hard to run a small business on the side of your job (so yay to having weekends again), we've been able to help so many volunteers get jobs/ interviews because of the skills they learned with us, and most importantly - we're not needed anymore.

For those of you who weren't here at the beginning, we (Mike & Sheen) started this back in March 2020, yup, 2 weeks after the first lockdown went into effect, we were like, gotta do something, need to help. And we promised ourselves then that we would always follow the science, and now the science is telling us that y'all went and got vaccinated (and we're so proud) and now things are re-opening, and we've sent out over 2000 masks across Canada.

What started off as two 20-somethings with the simple mantra "every little bit helps" has grown into an amazing volunteer effort of over 25 writers, graphic designers, and social media experts having donated their time to us at some point. None of us have met in-person yet, but we've formed a team that is dedicated, resourceful, and all working towards the same goal. We (the founders) would have never made it this far if it wasn't for our truly incredible volunteers; each of them taught us something, helped us with things we just don't have the skills for, and all of them did it out of the goodness of their hearts.

And to our amazing supporters - you took a chance on a couple of strangers with an ambitious goal and an ugly website (the first iteration, y'all... we knew nothing about website design and it showed). From our first day until our last, you've ordered from us, you've helped us design a better mask, given us feedback on our ordering experience, our website experience, even helped us decide what colours to add to our collection - and we really appreciate the outpouring of community support we have received from you (as do all the food banks and shelters who received masks from all your orders).

Last, but not least by any means, to our charitable partners - you saw what we were trying to achieve from day one. You've experimenting with us, helped us get social media and newsmedia attention, and you've helped us make sure that we were really making a difference. You're a big part of our story (it's literally in the name) and words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation we have for all of you.

So after this crazy journey of learning, experimenting, and trying to help everyday, we say: Thank you, and good bye. <3

Love, Mike & Sheen