Happy Birthday to Us! A Note from Michael.

As we head into the middle of April, we’re well into the second year of “The New Normal”. It’s crazy to think about, and surreal to have lived through. This last year has brought out the worst in some people, and of course the best in others. If you’re reading this, I consider you part of that latter group :)

April 13, 2021 is also the one year anniversary of GiveAMask.ca. One year. Wow. We’ve distributed thousands of masks, learned a lot about running a business, and met some incredible people along the way. 

Thinking back on the year since we started GiveAMask.ca, I’m so grateful. Grateful, first of all, to live in Canada. We’ve all watched how the pandemic has been handled south of the border, and I’m so grateful that our response has been one of unity - not division. I’m grateful to all of you that are reading this; your support has meant so much, and your commitment to helping others around you is truly something special. 

Lastly, I’m so grateful for all of our volunteers and my wonderful Co-Founder, Sheen. Our volunteers have gone above and beyond - because they believe in what we’re doing and just want to help - and we couldn’t have done it without them, and Sheen - thanks for taking the time to be on this crazy journey with me.

Thanks for reading!

Michael Carrier

GiveAMask.ca Co-Founder.