Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, fellow earthlings! It’s this time of the year again, where we shall show our love and appreciation for the planet that we call home. Despite all that has been going on, let’s never forget the beauty of life that this Earth has given us and let’s give back by nurturing its life in return.

Since the pandemic has started to take over our lives, it seems as though the world has come to a halt. The many restrictions that have been implemented in order to combat Covid-19 has translated into us neither being able to do the things we would normally do nor live our lives as fast-paced as we had been used to. It may feel like time is moving backwards and no progress can be made until this pandemic is over. But Earth Day is here to remind us otherwise. 

Even though the Coronavirus is on top of everyone’s minds, we have to remember that the world has not actually stopped moving and that our Earth is continuously being affected by our demanding lifestyles. The reasons for why Earth Day was put into effect back in 1970 certainly still exist today -- if not, it may be even more urgent now than ever before. 

For 51 years now, Earth Day is annually celebrated as an act of appreciation for our planet Earth. It is an event that reminds and motivates us to actively support environmental causes and take better care of our collective home. Every year, on April 22nd, events related to environmental protection are being organized globally, for which earthday.org is known to be ‘the world’s largest recruiter’. To date, there are already more than 75,000 partners in over 190 countries worldwide who participate in this yearly event as well as the overall movement. And we should make sure that this pandemic does not slow down this necessary progress we have been making.

In fact, the changes that have been enacted to accommodate our lives to the reality we are facing, includes a list of practices that are anything but environmentally friendly. Although the global lockdowns have first ignited hope for our environment, because of the reduced traffic and its result of cleaner air, scientists are now noticing more and more patterns that show the damages we have been causing instead. 

With the many restrictions that have impacted the way we shop and enjoy restaurant food, many have resorted to online shopping and food deliveries, our carbon footprint is unlikely to have gone down. Worse yet, with the sudden and continuous increase in disposable masks and gloves, the amount of waste we have been producing this past year has only gone up, too. So much so that, according to The Conversation, Coronavirus face-masks are causing damage that may last for generations. 

But there is good news to the end of this all: We have the power to prevent such disaster from happening -- especially, when it comes to our masks. And if you are reading this, you are already at the right place to start. We, at GiveAMask.ca, wanted to be part of the solution, which is why we continuously do our research in order to offer reusable masks that promote sustainability while prioritizing safety, comfort, and affordability at the same time.  

We want to make sure that quality masks that are durable and much needed, reach as many people as possible (ideally, everyone). It is of utmost importance that we invest in proper safety equipment, not only to fight this virus efficiently but also to prevent this virus from harming our planet. So, if you don’t own a reusable face mask yet, please go ahead and check out our masks to get yourself one, as well as someone in need. And lastly, spread the word & spread the love for our Earth!


(Cover Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels)