"Hello World" - World Health Day 2021

In honour of this year’s World Health Day (April 7, 2021) the World Health Organization (WHO) is launching the “Hello World” initiative. While the WHO have not released more specific details on the initiative, they have highlighted the problem and the aim of the initiative on the WHO website. 

There is a glaring disparity in accessibility to health services and healthy living, especially in the wake of COVID-19, according to the WHO website. “Hello World” is the WHO’s attempt to bring equality between geographic locations around the world in terms of health services by getting world leaders involved in the project. 

The WHO in their mission statement highlighted problems such as unsustainable salaries, unemployment, gender inequalities, poor education and lack of access to social amenities (food, clean water and health services) as global problems to be tackled. 

Though discussed on a surface level the WHO plans to collaborate with world leaders using 4 courses of action to tackle these problems. They plan to work with communities gravely affected by COVID-19 to discover the causes of their problems and come up with solutions to them. They also plan to use advanced health data collection relevant to each region to aid their pursuit for health equality. A “whole-of-government” approach will be taken to battle health inequalities and ensure an increased investment in the health system. The initiative will also see leaders acting beyond national borders by building an international mechanism to ensure an equitable model of testing, vaccinating and treating for COVID-19.

This mission is exciting and a noble cause that could possibly end this global pandemic that has haunted countries around the world and other health problems around the world, especially in underprivileged communities. According to the WHO, there will be more information provided on campaign strategies and materials in the next coming weeks on the website.