How Reusuable Masks Save You Money

For many, the move to reusable face masks is simply a question of comfort. For others, they want to help reduce the severe environmental impact that disposable masks have on the environment. For some, it’s making sure that they get a perfect fit so that they can best protect those around them. 

However, you might not have stopped to do the math on how much a reusable mask can save you. The exact price of a box of surgical masks varies depending on your vendor and sales. In general, we can say that they roughly fall between $30 or $20. If you spend any less than that, you risk getting a set of masks that might not be up to usable standards

So let’s say that you spent $20 for a pack of 50 surgical masks. That puts you at 40 cents a mask. If you use a mask every day for a 30 day month, that’s roughly $12 spent on masks in that month. That number starts to go up if you need to purchase masks for children, or the masks get damaged and don’t last the whole day. If you purchased a tougher brand of a surgical mask, that cost could rise even further. That pack might end up lasting you just the month, or less. 

Comparatively, you can get a good quality cloth mask for $20.00, the same cost as a pack of surgical masks, or even cheaper. These cloth masks have an essentially indefinite life, if you wash and take care of them, and replace the elastics when they wear out. A cloth mask will be better at actually protecting you and others from respiratory diseases, will have less of an environmental impact, and just looks plain better as a fashion accessory. And it’s the cheaper option overall. 

Hopefully you can see how getting a reusable mask makes plain dollars and cents. A box of cheaper masks might be tempting, but a good reusable mask will last you forever, right through to the end of COVID.