How to Take Care of Your Mask

Wallet, phone and keys, the trio you always have on you when leaving the house, that was life before lockdown. Then Covid-19 happened and the trio became five ( with masks and hand sanitizer), at least for those who have been following the rules to stop the spread of the disease. In fact, masks might be the most important item on that list because most public spaces require one to get in. Masks are essential accessories today, some people wear them daily, so they should be taken care of. 

This article will show you how to take care of your masks and also what you should not do to them. 

What To Do 


The first rule comes before even wearing a mask; get the right fit. The general rule is the mask should cover the bridge of your nose and extend past your chin. It should not be too small (it would be counterintuitive to choke trying to prevent Covid-19). You should be able to speak and breathe freely without moving the mask. You can use silicone adjusters on ear straps to tighten the masks or tie a knot if they are not tight enough for your liking. 

If the masks are too tight attaching elastic/ yarn ties to it will increase the length of the mask. 

For my fellow glasses wearers placing your glasses right above the mask helps secure its placement. This would also help to prevent foggy lenses, a problem I know too well as breathing makes glasses lenses get foggy when the placement is wrong, especially in the winter. 


Wash your mask as frequently as you can. The mask will collect a lot of germs every time it is being used from both its users and the environment (you definitely do not want to run away from your mask because of your own breath). If using a washing machine, put the mask in a mesh laundry bag and put the washing machine settings on delicate. Or hand wash it with soap and water, always air dry the mask as irons and dryers can damage the elastic and will shorten the life of your mask (unless you’re rocking one of our Unity masks with replaceable elastics). 

What To Not Do 


Your hands touch a lot of things during the day from door handles to food to handshakes (trick mention, no handshakes in the pandemic), meaning a lot of germs including the risk of infection on our hands, literally. Only use the handles of your masks and if you must touch the surface of your mask, like to adjust it, you should clean them by either washing them or using a hand sanitizer. 


As mentioned earlier, the mask should always cover the nose and mouth (think about Sub-Zero), it may come as a surprise but that is the main purpose of wearing a mask. 


Do not ever share a used mask, it is risky and dangerous, not only with Covid-19 but other infectious diseases like the flu. As good as your mask looks, people can only look, they cannot touch or wear. You can recommend them to to get theirs. And please, do not cheat on your mask.