News Update: 12th July 2021

Right now, the big news in COVID-19 in Canada is the gradual reopening of the borders for renewed travel. However, just because travel is reopening doesn’t mean that Canada is entirely safe when it comes to COVID. Right now, the process for vaccines is opening up - but there are still Canadians who aren’t going to get the jab. Getting over this last hurdle is going to be key to getting COVID under control in Canada. 
Canada has recorded roughly 1.42 million cases of COVID, with 1.39 million recoveries. The death toll stands at around 26,400 as of today. 
Ontario is reporting less than 200 cases of COVID as of yesterday - the third day under 200. Despite the detection of a new variant, plans are underway to begin reopening the province. 
 Quebec reported under 80 cases of COVID yesterday. However, the province is also preparing for any future waves by instituting a vaccine passport system in order to be allowed to certain indoor venues. 
British Columbia has reported 45 cases of COVID as of yesterday. There are questions, however, in the province over what the COVID death rate has looked like so far. 
Alberta meanwhile reported 52 new cases of COVID as of Friday - the province is, like many others, moving into more extensive reopening. 
Saskatchewan reported 42 new cases of COVID as of Saturday, and is moving to lift its lockdown restrictions. 
Manitoba, meanwhile, reported 87 new cases yesterday. Vaccinations are progressing at such a rate that the province has had to halt printing of cards that give proof of immunization. 
 Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador are experiencing negligible amounts of new cases of COVID-19. The Maritimes in general are looking forwards to a reopening of travel.
Over 41 million doses of vaccine have been given in Canada, with over 15 million Canadians being fully vaccinated - this represents over 40% of the Canadian population. There is a worry, however, that the growth rate of vaccines could possibly stagnate. 
While the easing of lockdown restrictions is allowing Canadians back into the great outdoors, there is still a need for precaution when it comes to indoor settings. For the moment, masks will continue to be important if you want to do anything inside.