News Update: 16th August 2021

The big news on COVID in Canada this week is the rolling out of vaccine mandates. While they have been controversial, it seems that they will exist in some capacity in all provinces, as there are still concerns over unvaccinated Canadians. Exactly what these mandates will look like remains to be seen, and may vary from province to province. However, Canadians are going to have to get ready to be flexible and prepared for whatever is to come. 

Ontario has continued to record over 500 cases a day, though its surge is dropping. The majority of these cases are in unvaccinated individuals. The death toll from COVID has plummeted, however, as Ontario becomes more vaccinated. Quebec has recorded over 400 cases for the first time since spring. Despite the rising numbers, Quebec is seeing many protests over the implementation of vaccine passports

British Columbia has experienced a huge jump in COVID cases, recording over 700 cases on Friday. The province is mandating vaccines for those working in assisted living and long-term care. The Province is also looking to keep the unvaccinated out of larger events. Alberta recorded over 580 COVID cases this Friday. This surge has caused Alberta to put a pause on removing its COVID’s restrictions until September. 

Saskatchewan has recorded over 120 cases on Saturday. While restrictions are being eased, some educational institutes have stated that they will require vaccines. Manitoba meanwhile recorded 25 cases of COVID on Friday and is also looking to formulate policies for “back to school” in September. 

Nova Scotia and the rest of the Maritimes - New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador is seeing an uptick in COVID cases. This includes over 20 cases of COVID recorded in Nova Scotia on Friday, 19 cases in New Brunswick, 2 cases in PEI and 4 cases in Newfoundland and Labrador. There is a push to try and facilitate vaccines further in the Maritimes, to better clamp down on rising cases.

Canada has given roughly 51.4 million doses of vaccine as of today, with roughly 24 million Canadians being vaccinated. This is inching closer to 64% of all Canadians being vaccinated. New shipments of Moderna are expected to arrive and help bolster those numbers - if more Canadians are willing to get vaccinated. While we wait for a higher vaccine percentage, it is still advisable that precautions be taken while indoors, to help prevent the spread of COVID. This will be especially important as schools and other institutions reopen in September.