News Update: 19th July 2021

Canada, once noted for lagging behind our Southern Neighbour in the United Stats, has recently passed America when it comes to second vaccine dose rates. While the United States has plenty of vaccines, it is struggling to drive vaccinations in areas with resistance to vaccinations. However, even Canada has a sizable population that is still not getting vaccinated, despite being eligible. The challenge going forward will to be balance reopening, along with greater vaccination. 
Canada has, as of writing, had 1.42 million cases of COVID, and 1.39 million recoveries. The death rate is currently close to 26,500. 
Ontario reported 177 new COVID cases as of today, as well as recording having given out over 18 million vaccination doses. Quebec meanwhile recorded 83 cases as of Friday. Quebec is still worried about rising cases of hospitalization, however, and has subsequently started up a vaccine lottery. 
British Columbia recorded 54 new cases at the end of this week - the province is looking to reopen travel to the United States as cases continue to drop. Alberta has recorded 41 cases of COVID as of Friday, with an upsurge in first time vaccinations. The province has lifted many restrictions, and is serving as something of a testing ground for the rest of Canada. 
In the prairies, Saskatchewan recorded 36 new COVID cases as of today, with some reports of the delta variant - Manitoba meanwhile has reported 44 new cases as of today. 
 Nova Scotia has reported only 3 new COVID cases today, with New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador all having similarly small new COVID counts.
As mentioned, vaccination rates in Canada are rising. 45 million vaccines have been given, with roughly 18.6 million Canadians being fully vaccinated - a number that represents close to half of the entire Canadian population. However, as variants emerge,that other 50% of the population will become increasingly vital. While outdoor areas continue to open, care will still need to be taken while indoors.