News Update: 22nd August 2021

Right now, the news in Canada on COVID is all future looking. There are concerns over what kind of booster shots may be needed, and how effective they would actually be in the future. However, some see the booster shots as less of concern when there is still a vaccine resistant population existing within Canada. 

Ontario recorded nearly 700 cases of COVID today, showing a significant surge. Over 550 of those cases are in the unvaccinated. Ontari even recorded its first death in a significant period of time. Quebec has also ended up seeing a rise in COVID cases, with over 500 cases recorded on Friday. Like in Ontario, this is despite a high vaccination rate within the province - Quebec is even considering lowering the age at which children can get vaccines. 

British Columbia reported nearly 700 COVID cases as of Thursday. In the interior region of BC, mask mandates and gathering restrictions are returning to try and cut down on the growth. 

Alberta has also seen a surge, with nearly 750 cases as of Friday. The province is currently suffering from staffing problems in trying to deal with this surge. 

Saskatchewan had nearly 250 cases as of Friday - like Quebec they are hoping to expand the age limit on vaccines. Manitoba meanwhile recorded over 40 cases of COVID on Friday, with the province hitting its latest milestone in its COVID vaccine program. 

Nova Scotia and the rest of the Maritimes - New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador have all reported under 40 cases of COVID each as of Friday. The largest such surge is over 30 people getting COVID in New Brunswick. 


Canada has given out 52.2 million COVID doses, with roughly 24.6 million Canadians being fully vaccinated - this represents roughly 65.5% of the Canadian population. There is certainly a rise in COVID cases across Canada. What is notable about this rise in cases is that the majority of cases are in the unvaccinated population - and these cases are more severe. If you are vaccinated, mask wearing will still be important. You may not be in danger of getting seriously ill from COVID - but there does seem to be a risk that you may become a carrier of the more virulent Delta variant. This will likely be the best practice until vaccination rates push even higher.