News Update: 23rd May 2021

At the start of this month, the COVID-19 situation seemed dire, with Canada’s case rates spiking amidst a scramble to try and find enough vaccine. However, as of today, Canada has managed to hit the 50% vaccination threshold, with roughly half of Canadians having received at least one dose. With this news there are already some relaxation in lockdown - in the severely hit Ontario, outdoor visits to care homes are set to resume. 

Still, there are concerns over how COVID rates will react to the long weekend, with some concerns of a spike. It remains to be seen if the downward slope of COVID cases that began in May continues.

As of today, Canada stands at roughly 1.36 million cases of COVID, with 1.28 recoveries and over 25,000 deaths. The heavily populated provinces have taken the brunt of this outbreak - Ontario has recorded the most COVID cases, with Quebec recording the most deaths.

Ontario has recorded over 1,600 new COVID cases today - still severe, but a significant drop from last week where it was pushing 2,000 cases. Recently, Ontario has moved to allow anyone 18 or up to get vaccinated - and will be moving that to anyone 12 or up soon. Quebec recorded roughly 500 cases today. Like Ontario, Quebec has been moving to expand the range of who is receiving vaccinations in the province. This came in conjunction with Quebec releasing its early plan to reopen

In British Columbia, there have been near 400 cases today. British Columbia continues to restrict movement between its different regions, as the province looks forward to reopening. Alberta, meanwhile, has recorded more than 600 cases today, showing a marked downward trend

Saskatchewan has reported 180 cases of COVID today - the province is looking to push to enter a new phaser of reopening as vaccine rollouts continue. Manitoba, meanwhile, is struggling with managing COVID, with roughly 460 cases. Some Manitoban patients are being transferred to Ontario to try and deal with the stress on ICUs. 

In the Maritimes, COVID cases remain relatively low. Nova Scotia has the most cases with 70 new cases. NNew Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador all have COVID case numbers below 10. 

Canada has currently surpassed 20 million vaccinations, with roughly 1.63 million Canadians being fully vaccinated. This represents a vaccination level of over 4% of the Canadian population. Canada’s first dose vaccination rate now surpasses the US - though with its vaccine push starting earlier, the US still leads in double-dose full vaccinations.

The numbers on vaccinations and cases are very promising. But until the full vaccination number rises, we should all be careful to maintain social distancing and proper mask wearing.