News Update: 28th June 2021

As an increasing number of Canadians receive their second vaccinations, there are increasing questions over what fully vaccinated Canadians can and cannot do, especially as lockdowns begin to be eased. 

The first thing for those getting vaccinated is to remember that you need to wait 14 days after your second vaccination to be truly considered fully vaccinated. After this period, outdoor options begin to increase dramatically. You will be allowed to do outdoor activities maskless with small groups of people from multiple households, unvaccinated or otherwise. 

Indoor activities are a bit less clear. However, you should feel free to do whatever you like with other fully vaccinated people. With unvaccinated people, you may want to be more cautious for their benefit. There is also the open question of vaccine boosters in the coming months. 

Ontario reported 346 cases of Covid yesterday, continuing a streak of managing to report under 500 cases. Ontario is most concerned with the emergence of new Delta variants, and is trying to focus its efforts on administering doses in Delta hotspots.  Quebec recorded 88 cases of Covid yesterday, and is moving towards full reopening, not requiring masks or distancing indoors.

British Columbia recorded 72 cases of Covid yesterday, and prepares for a larger step out of lockdown, even as the Delta variant begins to spread. Exact Covid numbers in  Alberta are uncertain, but are hovering at about 100 cases per day. Alberta is continuing to run a lottery to try and incentivize people to get the vaccine. 

Saskatchewan recorded 61 cases of Covid yesterday, as it continues to reach vaccine milestones through its extensive “drive-thru” vaccinations. Manitoba meanwhile recorded 106 new cases of Covid yesterday, and is reducing its strict lockdown severity. 

Nova Scotia recorded 11 Covid cases yesterday, with the other Maritime Provinces of  New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador  recording similarly low levels of Covid. Travel restrictions around the Maritimes may be reduced soon

Vaccination levels in Canada have truly begun to soar. Over 35 million doses have been given in Canada, including roughly 9.65 second doses, meaning over a quarter of all Canadians are now fully vaccinated - and this number only continues to rise. Canadians will soon be able to enjoy unrestricted times with their vaccinated friends - but care must still be taken to protect the unvaccinated within indoor settings.