News Update: 4th April 2021

Canada has passed 1 million recorded COVID-19 cases, as the country passes into what is known as the “Third Wave” of the pandemic. This comes roughly 14 months after the very first recorded COVID case in the country. Those million cases have brought with them over 23,000 deaths, as well as over 922,000 recoveries. 

The news surrounding COVID-19 is currently dominated by a mixture of hope and fear. The vaccine rollouts continue, with roughly 3% of the population having been vaccinated. However, at the same time, there are reports of variants of COVID-19 emerging among the Canadian population. These variants are believed to be more virulent and may have more severe symptoms. To many, it seems like COVID-19 will soon be framed as a race between the development of new strains, and the deployment of enough vaccinations to halt those new strains.

In Ontario, mass lockdowns are in place in response to this Third Wave, which came as a surprise to many who were expecting more openings of locations in April. This state of lockdown emergency is expected to last for the rest of the month.

Like Ontario, Quebec has recorded the greatest number of cases since January. Quebec remains under highly strict lockdown requirements. Even out on the west, COVID-19 cases are breaking records with surges of cases. British Columbia is looking to increase its lockdown restrictions, and Alberta may follow. 

In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, there are a rising number of reports regarding variant strains of COVID. In the Maritimes, the total number of new cases remains relatively low, as Nova ScotiaNew Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador maintain strict lockdowns.

Currently, the most anxiously awaited pieces of news are updates on the vaccine rollouts. Over 7,000,000 have been distributed since December 2020. It’s advised that Canadians keep chewing their local news for information on vaccines and lockdown protocols in their areas.