News Update: 5th July 2021

International travel is beginning to start up again in Canada, a sign of how far the country has come with its vaccination program. There is word that travellers will be able to skip a period of quarantine if vaccinated - but there is still a debate over which vaccines will be accepted by the Canadian government. 
Canada has by now recorded over 1.42 million cases of COVID-19, with approximately 1.38 million having recovered, as well as over 26,000 deaths. The peak that we saw this spring has definitely slowed, thanks to continuing vaccination.
Ontario recorded 209 new cases of COVID yesterday. While cases are dropping, there is serious worry about the Delta variant at long term care homes in the province. Quebec reported 69 cases of COVID yesterday. Quebec is now offering walk-in vaccinations in an attempt to push for even higher vaccination levels. 
British Columbia reported 84 new cases of COVID yesterday, including no new cases in the Vancouver Island region. BC is also pushing for greater vaccination, with beach side clinics. Alberta has been recording roughly 50 cases a day lately - and the province is already quickly moving out of lockdown.  
Saskatchewan reported 49 cases Saturday. Though weather has closed down some of the province's drive-thru vaccine centers, there is still an expectation that the province will have a majority of people vaccinated by the end of July. Manitoba reported 48 cases yesterday, though it does appear that the Delta variant is spreading.
Nova Scotia has reported 8 new COVID cases today, with New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador all having similarly low counts of new COVID cases.
As of today, about 38.8 million Canadians have gotten a COVID vaccine, with roughly 12.9M being fully vaccinated - over 34% of the Canadian population. This high rate of vaccination is driving the desire to reopen the country for travel. However, the wildcard factor is still the spread of the Delta variant. For now, this makes mask wearing still vitally important - especially in indoor spaces.
So keep your mask on hand - and stay safe.