News Update: 9th August 2021

All eyes in Canada are on Alberta this week, as that province moves to fully exit lockdown. There is still a heated discussion over whether this is the right move, but only time will tell what the outcome will be. Perhaps more impactful to Canadians as a whole, fully vaccinated Americans will now be allowed to travel into Canada. This marks the beginning of Canada’s reopening to the world. Canada has recorded roughly 1.44 Million cases of COVID, with about 1.4 Million recoveries. Deaths are currently at over 26,600. 
Ontario recorded over 400 new COVID cases as of Sunday. As patio dining reopens, cases increase - but there is no sign of the provincial government moving to require “vaccine passports” for dining. Quebec, on the other hand, is moving towards its own vaccine passport system. This is in response to its own case rate rising from about 100 a day up to 300 a day. 
British Columbia has also seen an upswing in cases to nearly 400 a day, with most of these being in the central regions of the province. There is a move to shut down public gathering places in this area in response. Alberta has recorded over 360 cases as of Friday, with uncertainty over its new policies of reopening. 
Saskatchewan reported 130 cases of COVID as of Saturday, showing a steady increase. The province is winding down its drive-thru vaccinations, focusing on pop-ups and pharmacy arranged vaccinations. Manitoba recorded under 30 cases on Friday. Right now the major concern in the province is how school will be handled come September. 
Nova Scotia and the rest of the Maritimes - New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador - are all reporting very low case numbers of COVID. The Maritimes looks forwards to ending restrictions, but is emphasising the importance of vaccinations first. 
Canada has given over 50 million doses of vaccines, with over 23 million Canadians being fully vaccinated. This means Canada has passed the milestone of having over 60% of its population being fully vacced. New vaccines are still coming in - 60% is an impressive number, but most health officials are looking for 10% or 20% more.
For the moment, there is a noticeable uptick in cases across Canada, as restrictions are loosened. There are other risks as well - including new faster spreading variants of the disease, and those eligible Canadians who are refusing to get vaccinated. For the moment, taking care to follow precautionary measures inside is the best way to keep others safe - even if you are vaccinated yourself, a mask indoor can help keep your fellow Canadians safe.