News Update: 9th May 2021

This week, the COVID-19 focus is heavily on vaccinations. This is no surprise, with many Canadians going to get a jab - though how long you have to wait depends on where you live. There is a worry that Canadians may become complacent after getting vaccinated - masks and social distancing will be important for the moment. Meanwhile, companies are chipping in to encourage vaccinations. 

Currently, Canada stands at 1.28 million cases of COVID, with 1.18 million recovers, and over 2,400 deaths. This increase by nearly a thousand deaths shows that in many places in Canada, the virus remains a serious threat. 

This is particularly true in Ontario, which has seen over 3,000 cases today.  Ontario is also ground zero for many of the political distractions going on related to COVID. Outdoor spaces continue to be closed down despite pleas to reopen them, while workplaces continue to be a major source of new infections. The discussion regarding travel bans continues as the case number remains high. Quebec, meanwhile, had roughly 960 cases today, managing to push for under 1000 cases due to an aggressive drive to have more of their population vaccinated

In British Columbia, information on COVID cases has become more difficult to determine. The province has dropped the vaccine age to 40+ for anyone, however, showing a move towards greater vaccination coverage. In Alberta, the situation is becoming increasingly severe, with over 2000 cases reported. This will be followed by greater crackdowns on anti-lockdown protests, as well as the greater implementation of said lockdowns. Alberta now is close to the US state of Michigan for the number of cases per capita. 

Saskatchewan has hit a milestone of over 500K vaccinations as it reports over 200 cases today.  Manitoba is climbing close to Alberta’s high COVID rate as it broke 400 cases yesterday. This is in the midst of many questions about a plan for restrictions at schools

Nova Scotia recorded 163 new cases yesterday.  New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador all reported less than 10 cases today, with the Maritimes generally having a very low transmission rate compared to the rest of the country.

Over 14 million Canadians have received their first dose of vaccination, with roughly 1.2 million being fully vaccinated. As the surge of cases in places like Ontario and Alberta shows, vaccinations are not enough to stem the tide of cases - they are a safeguard for the future, but we still need to pull together with proper mask-wearing and social distancing to reach that future.