Put Us Out Of Business... Please!

We’re ready to go out of business.

But we can’t.

Seriously. Put us out of business. We don’t want to have to be doing this. We want everything to get back to normal.

Us not being in business means that everyone is safe and vaccinated. Us not being in business means that we’re returning to work and school and everything in between.

Us not being in business means that we don’t need to sell masks and t-shirts to donate masks to people that need them.

Until then, we’re going to keep trying our hardest to help people.

When we started GiveAMask.ca, the most common question was “What are you going to do when Covid-19 ends”. And obviously we considered it. Why start a business that doesn’t have potential for sustainable future growth? That’s a lot of time spent for something that won’t be the next Facebook.

But that’s not why we’re here. We started GiveAMask.ca to help people and do our part during the pandemic - not to profit.

But here we are. Covid-19 is still impacting people across Canada and around world. We haven’t returned to work in full force, and kids are still home from school. We’re still socially isolated, relying on phone calls and video chats for companionship. We’re still sitting eagerly waiting for vaccines.

We’ve set the goal for May of donating 200 masks. Our partner organizations absolutely love our masks and the fact that they can provide them to their clients. It’s been so meaningful for us to have been able to do our part during this pandemic, and give you a chance to help out as well.

So help us out. Help us go out of business. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already doing your part in various ways - staying safe and distant, getting vaccinated and abiding by guidelines and that’s awesome. If you can help us go out of business, we would appreciate the support.

Michael and Sheen

Ps. Each purchase you make on our site helps out someone else with a mask donated. If you don’t need any more masks (and that’s cool), we do sell t-shirts ;)

PPS: If you're still reading this, use code ILOVEMOM for 30% off site-wide until Mothers Day!