Should You Wear More Than One Mask?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been shifting recommendations on what is the best way to protect yourself against the COVID-19 virus - and how to best protect others. The only thing that is sure is that social distancing, good hygiene, and a mask are all key.

Masks are especially important for keeping others safe, as they block the droplets of moisture that carry COVID from spreading into the air around you when you cough, sneeze, speak, or breathe. Following this logic, many people have taken to wearing multiple masks. But does wearing multiple masks actually work?

In theory, there is some sense behind this. Multiple masks mean multiple layers, which means more chances to catch and absorb the droplets. 

In practice, there are more than a few problems with this. Multiple masks are not likely to fit properly and might become entangled and start to pull each other down. A mask that’s not snugly fitted over your nose and mouth probably isn’t that effective. This also means that you’ll have multiple masks to wash, which could turn into a real pain. 

The biggest concern, however, is that it might be too hard for you to properly breathe while wearing multiple masks. This could end up being a major health risk all on its own! 

If you want to maximize protection, your best option is to get a good quality mask that has tightly woven fabric and multiple layers to best catch any particles. If you want to wear a looser mask on top of this, like a surgical mask, that’s fine - but make sure that you are still getting a tight fit on your “main” mask. You can also use adhesive filters on the inside of the mask to further increase its moisture droplet capturing ability. 

This is the design theory behind our own masks, which feature a poly-cotton twill exterior, and an organic cotton interior. This keeps you and those around you safe with a solid barrier, while still being comfy and easy to breath in.

So if you want the best in protection - quality beats out quantity in this case.