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Where Did We Donate All of Those Masks? Meet our Partner Charities

Over the past 18 months, we have experienced an action-packed whirlwind of activity filled to the brim with all things From the late-night brainstorming sessions in March 2020, to the official website launch that led us to creating and selling great masks and t-shirts. While we are certainly proud of the work that’s been done, we are most proud of the difference we were able to make – and the meaningful relationships that have been fostered with the Canadian organizations directly serving those in need of support. As we head into the dog days of summer (yay for dogs!), we thought it was the perfect time to move the spotlight onto our charitable partners. Over the course of the...

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Where in the World did Masks Come From?

Masks. Boy do we love talking about masks. For some, they’re a sign of progress, an indication that a community is coming together to protect one another. In other circles, it is a contentious issue filled with questions and concerns. Let’s take a short stroll through history to uncover the origins of modern medical masks.

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The Untold Fun Side of Wearing Masks

Masks have become a staple item that we don when entering public indoor spaces. While it can be frustrating and uncomfortable, there are some fun things that we could be hiding under that mask. From a fancy moustache to unfortunate blemishes, wearing a mask has some perks!

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