The Untold Fun Side of Wearing Masks

Through 2020 and into the indefinite future, it seems that masks have become a staple of our wardrobes, identities, and public appearances. Many of us contentedly wear them knowing that we are doing our part to minimize the spread of Covid-19 but do relish the day when they will no longer be a necessity. From corporate branding on our face coverings, to fancy patterns and colours, our masks are a new way to show a different side of our personalities.

Now that we’re all used to wearing masks, and have incorporated them into our lifestyles, consider some of the fun, albeit lesser-known, benefits of mask-wearing.

Lipstick. Many of us enjoy the fun side of colouring our lips – whether it be to match an outfit or show some personality. But let’s be honest, lipstick can be annoying. It washes off when we eat and drink. It gets smeared after a long meeting of talking. And it can certainly dry out our lips. Think of these mask-wearing months as a break from these annoyances. Enjoy this as a time to scale back your fancy side and go for simple lip balms for now. Let your mask display your individualism for the time being.



Poker Face. So many of us wear our emotions or thoughts openly in our facial expressions. This can get us into all kinds of trouble – a failed poker game after showing our true intentions, a frown during a customer interaction when a smile might be more fitting, or perhaps an accidental mouthing of expletives while passing another driver. A well fitted mask extending from your cheekbones to your chin can certainly stifle a lot of these poorly timed expressions that we might have otherwise wished to keep secret.

Facial Hair. Growing a moustache or beard, like any change in our appearance, takes time to get used to. Wearing a mask can allow you to try out new things – maybe a soul patch, or a curly moustache – before unveiling it to friends or colleagues. Imagine leaving work in March 2020, clean shaven and youthful, but returning to a more public life in the future with a brand-new look. Surprise friends on your next video chat with a surprising change!


Acne. The stress of living through a pandemic can wreak havoc on our bodies and may have caused some annoying acne outbreaks. What better than a clean cloth mask to cover all of that up? This is your opportunity to let that zit heal on its own under the protective cover of a mask.

So next time you feel down about strapping on your mask for another day, think of some ways to make it secretly fun on your own – from donning a silly fake tattoo on your chin to quietly mouthing the words to your favourite boyband tune in the grocery store. Life can be pretty heavy these days, so any opportunity to lighten it up might help a little.

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