What to Look For When You Buy a Mask Online

Masks are flying off the shelves with everyone from the likes of Old Navy to budding entrepreneurs working from home selling 2020’s hottest accessory. However, not all masks are created equally, and when it comes to your health, you need to know what to look for when you buy a mask online. Here are some pointers.

Where does it come from?

It’s tempting to buy that super cute mask with the funny saying or cartoon animal on it, but your first thought shouldn’t be the style – it should be the origin. There are many great masks being made all over the world, but regulations vary about what makes a safe and effective non-medical mask. When you buy a mask online, make sure it fits the standard for your country, state, province, city, etc. In Canada, the recommendation is at least two layers of tightly woven fabric, and large enough to fit over the nose and mouth without gaping. When buying a mask online from another country, ensure it meets these requirements, along with ethical work practices for the labour behind the mask.

Can I wash it?

Buying disposable masks adds up, which is why many choose to buy a mask online that they can wear, rewash, and wear again. Before you buy that mask online, check the material and also check to see if it is machine washable. A fancy mask with lots of sequins – yes sequin masks exist for the fabulous among us! – is fun and attractive, but not overly practical. While great for dressing up on a night out (with social distancing please!) having to wash a sequined mask by hand daily is not ideal. For everyday use, choose a mask that you can pop into the wash at the end of the day to ensure better safety and hygiene.

How does it ship?

Even during COVID-19 we should be aware of our impact on climate change. When you buy a mask online, check the shipping. Is it coming by land, sea, or air? Is it going to be rushed to you via courier? Our postal service is not as fast as a courier, but it is designed for efficiency with less carbon output. If you can wait a few days for shipping when you buy a mask online, you will lessen your climate change impact. Be kind to the planet.

Does it do some good in the world?

You wear a mask to help protect yourself and others, so why not go a step further? When you buy a mask online from us, you get a great Canadian-made, reusable, machine washable mask shipped directly to you by Canada Post, and you automatically donate a mask to someone in need. Not everyone has the means to buy reusable masks; buying a mask online through giveamask.ca means a volunteer or service worker, or a person in an underserved demographic, also gets a mask that they need. 

The world is a little uncomfortable right now, but we are all adapting. You can make a big difference. Buy a mask online through us to get a mask that supports local Canadian manufacturing, that provides you with a great looking washable mask, and best of all, that helps someone in need.