Why It’s Still Important To Buy Masks (Even If You think You Have Enough)

Since last March, we’ve donated over a thousand masks to the Canadians who need them the most and it’s all thanks to your generous support and commitment to buying local. 

Canada’s vaccine rollout is in full swing, but you’ll still need to wear masks in public for the foreseeable future.

So, we thought we’d put together a shortlist of the reasons why our Unity mask is the right fit for everyone. 


Every mask in our store was handcrafted by a fellow Canadian who probably lives in a community just like yours. Money goes into the artisan’s pockets and helps support local economies. As a bonus, these masks just look awesome! Our designs are all original and many of them show off a unique Canadian flair. 


Environmental activists have been sounding the alarm over the immense amount of waste created by PPE discarded during the pandemic, saying there’s more masks in the ocean than jellyfish. Many disposable masks contain certain types of plastics that will end up floating around for centuries to come. By choosing one of our durable, reusable masks crafted with eco-friendly organic unbleached cotton, you are going a long way to making our planet a greener place. 


Our mandate is to donate a mask for every mask or other product sold on our website. We’ve struck up partnerships with food banks right across Canada, making sure our masks get to families who rely on food banks and the frontline workers who stock the shelves or drive the trucks.