Why it's Time for Us to Say Goodbye

When we started GiveAMask.ca back in March 2020, we hoped that we could fill an immediate need but that we wouldn’t be around forever. As of this past May, we were actively encouraging you to put us out of business. Now the time has come for us to wrap up this adventure and move on to new opportunities. And we wanted to thank everyone who has helped put us out of business, whether that’s by directly supporting us through buying masks and t-shirts, or more indirectly by getting vaccinated and following public health advice.
In the early days of the pandemic, masks were hard to come by - and were often prioritized for healthcare workers and other high-risk populations - and it seemed like the rules and requirements were changing by the week. And there were concerns that whatever resources were available to help people stay safe, they might not reach vulnerable populations like people who use shelters and food banks. That’s why we decided to found GiveAMask.ca to help close some of those gaps, and to provide reliable, helpful information about the hows and whys of mask-wearing and other public health measures.
Now, the requirements to wear a mask are being lifted in many regions and situations. When we still do need to wear masks, most of us have a reliable supply and we’re in the habit of using them and taking care of them appropriately. And although many parts of the country seem to be heading into a fourth wave fuelled by the Delta variant, it may not lead to the same level of lockdowns and restrictions as previous waves thanks to the fact that Canada now has one of the highest rates of coronavirus vaccination in the world.
So a lot has changed since we started this project, and now that there isn’t as much of a need for the masks and the advice we provide, we’re looking forward to seeing how we can continue helping make the world a better, safer place in other ways. And though we’re a bit sad to say goodbye, we’re also really proud of what we’ve accomplished - and thankful for all your help and support. Thanks for coming with us on this journey, and we wish you a safe, happy, and healthy fall. And if on your way out you’d still like to pick up some masks or shirts for yourself while also helping our charitable partners, there’s a great clearance sale on in our store!
Thanks again!