These are some of our favourite things...

Having trouble figuring out which of our designs to buy during our closing sale? Here are some of our personal favourites!

Michael Carrier, co-founder: I want to pick an uncommon one, so the Autumn mask... and the "Stay three geese away” t-shirt because it's my kind of dad joke. 

Paruksheen Dhunjisha, co-founder: I'm 100% biased, but my favourite mask is the O Canada mask, and my favourite tee is the Toronto one.

Hillary Alderdice, volunteer: The maple leaf with the heart inside (Canada Love) is my favourite t-shirt, and my favourite mask design is falling snow. (< She also designed most of the masks/ tees, so y'all are welcome).

Karen Wynne, volunteer: I like the falling leaves mask design. But I have the “Stay three geese away” t-shirt - people always look twice when I'm wearing it, and then giggle a little. :)

Sarah von Riedemann, volunteer: My Canada Love mask has been with me through thick and thin - including both my vaccine doses! I love the design and the message.

Kamini Khemraj, volunteer: My fave t-shirt is the Toronto one, and my favourite mask is “Social distancing before it was cool.”

Stuart Hemingson, volunteer: I like the Canadiana mask.... and the Vancouver shirt, of course!

Temi Dada, volunteer: My favorite mask is the black Halloween mask because who doesn’t love Halloween? (Sheen doesn't, she's too scared of clowns, hilarity ensued on the Slack thread and we saw what a seaweed clown looks like) My favorite shirt is “Social distancing before it was cool.”

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