Press Release: January 12, 2021

Support Volunteers at Good Shepherd

The food bank partners with to make sure its volunteers and community partners can continue their selfless service to the region’s most vulnerable people

HAMILTON - Many families have been hit hard financially by the pandemic and they need help now more than ever. Good Shepherd has witnessed a dramatic increase in demand for its services since the COVID-19 outbreak began. wants to help those dedicated volunteers to keep doing their jobs safely. Paruksheen Dhunjisha and Michael Carrier, Co-Founders at are going to donate at least one mask for every mask or t-shirt sold on their website. 

The donated masks will go to volunteers at Good Shepherd as well as the families who rely on the food bank for support in these unprecedented times.

“We’re all really excited about being able to get vaccines, but we know that we’re still several months away from being able to be mask-free,” says Dhunjisha. “During that time there are still people who need masks, who have to go to work or send their kids to school, and need reusable masks to be able to do that safely. So we’re working hard to make sure that vulnerable populations still have access to high-quality, Canadian-made masks.”

Good Shepherd has had to make several adjustments to ensure they are able to continue providing support to the most vulnerable members of their community. Knowing that the pandemic would increase food and housing insecurity, one of the first things they did was open a temporary surge shelter at First Ontario Place. Though they had to suspend many of their in-person programs, they remained committed to providing the essential support that their community needs.

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