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O Canada! Our home and native land...

Let's celebrate Canada! The beautiful country that we're proud to call home.

Each of these masks supports Canadian seamstresses living in Canada and Canadian charities helping Canadian people because we believe in doing business that unites everyone - in true Canadian fashion. How about that, eh?

Don-eh-tions (sorry)

For every Mask purchased, we will donate one to to be used Canadians who need a little extra help right now. Because looking out for each other is the Canadian thing to do,

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Locally made

Your Pride mask is handmade in Canada, meticulously sewn and hand-pressed to ensure that you receive a durable, comfortable garment to protect the people you love.

Exterior Fabric

Poly-Cotton Blend. Breathable, but still prevents you from speaking moistly.


Stretchy, durable and comfortable. 1/5 inch. Won't bend your ears forward and make you look like Prince Charles.

Toothbrush product

Interior Fabric

Unbleached organic 100% cotton. Soft and supple. 


Contoured shape, fits nicely on your face. Won't block your eyes or glasses because you still need to be able to, y'know, see.

Let's keep it going.


Our masks do fine in the washing machine on delicate settings. Be sure to keep your mask clean.

Multiple Masks

If you're out on a daily basis, we recommend buying multiple masks. Get one of each colour!

Buy for a Friend

Masks make a great gift, and your friend will know that one was donated too!


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