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  • Small, cute, and grows quickly - just like kids! So this is probably the most perfect kids mask...


    • The most comfortable mask you’ll ever wear. Seriously.
    • Ultra-durable exterior made from tightly woven poly/cotton twill
    • Super Soft 100% unbleached organic cotton interior
    • Adjustable and replaceable elastics provide maximum comfort and safety
    • Holds up to the rigours of everyday wear and regular washing 

    • Money-back guarantee in case you’re not completely satisfied
    • Buy a Made-in-Canada product and support local
    • We donate at least one mask for every one sold on our site

Exterior fabric: Poly-Cotton blend.
Interior fabric: Unbleached organic 100% cotton.
Elastic: Stretchy, durable, and comfortable. 1/5 inch.

We're all in this together. Made in Ontario.

Kids grow so fast, now there is a mask that can keep up with them.
Light-weight, comfortable, and with replaceable elastics. Our special design allows your kids to add a little flair to their mask, making them the envy of every kid on the playground and at school. 

Show Some Personality.

A mask is so much more than a piece of cloth you put over your face: it's a way to express your personality. So, we came up with seven designs to help your kids express themselves wherever they are. Plus it's easier to tell them apart. 

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product image

Support Local.

Your kids' mask is handmade in Canada, meticulously sewn and finished to ensure that you receive a durable, comfortable garment to protect the people you love. 

Toughen Up, Buttercup.

Your kids' mask won't wear out no matter how rough and tumble they want to be. The outer fabric is Poly/Cotton Twill. The elastics are replaceable, so the mask can grow with your kids. We even sell replacement elastics.

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