Our mission is to unite Canadians
in helping each other to stay safe.

We do this by making face masks accessible to everyone.

Covid-19 broke our hearts.

We sat by, watching the world get sick. 

Our hearts broke for our friends and community members who were disproportionately affected by the crisis. Workers who couldn't afford to stay home. Friends who were forced to work without protection, while needing government assistance. Loved ones who, despite support services, were still falling through the cracks.

Our hearts broke for the future of our country, watching businesses close, with job losses crippling families. We watched manufacturing still not able to keep up with making personal protective equipment for frontline workers. We saw the fallout of years of profit-driven outsourcing and automation. 

We decided to do something. 

Inspired by teams of home seamstresses making masks out of old bedsheets and shoelaces, we started to think. Inspired by the resilience of frontline workers in hospitals, grocery stores and city services, we started to plan. Inspired by the innovation of scientists and doctors searching for a cure, we started to design.

Our thoughts, plans and designs culiminated with an endeavour that would allow us to help people in need, and create local jobs. Through partnerships, we found a way that we could help the most vulnerable stay safe. We partnered with designers and local manufacturers to create a product that would help people protect their own communities. And then we dreamed of a way to put all of the puzzle pieces together - a buy-one-give-one initiative called GiveAMask.

Here we are, hearts together, a united community.

Charitable to the Core

We donate more masks than we sell. Always.
That's our promise to you as a company, and core to our mission. 

Making money was never the goal here, we wanted to make a difference. We decided to donate the same masks we sell to simplify our manufacturing and to ensure that those receiving donated masks were getting the same benefits, quality, and care that our paying customers get.

So here we are. 

Keep it Canadian.

All GiveAMask.ca products for sale on our site are designed and manufactured in Canada. We don't outsource.

This allows us to create local jobs, ensure quality, and innovate constantly.

Quality is Key.

With a background in design, engineering, and manufacturing, we know a thing or two about product quality.

The masks that we sell are the result of countless hours of product design, materials testing, and user feedback. We're continuously innovating in order to provide the best masks possible.


Who are we?

This is what happens when an MBA grad with a passion for social causes and sustainability teams up with a serial entrepreneur.

Team member

Michael Carrier, Co-Founder

Michael has founded three companies in the last ten years because he loves to solve problems - and this start-up is no different.
Supporting charities through business is how Michael likes to run his companies, and he helped established the partnerships that allow GiveAMask.ca to make a difference.

Team member

Paruksheen Dhunjisha, Co-Founder

Sheen has come to Canada by way of the Middle East, UK, and the US.
Passionate about sustainability - sometimes called 'Captain Planet' by her mum - and always eager to lend a helping hand, she is doing this because she wants to give back to the country she considers home and needs to make use of her MBA. 

This project is a non-profitting collaboration with an Ontario business:



Charitees’ mission is to raise money for charity & give back to the organizations in our community by offering high-quality, affordable apparel.