Fit & Care

On this page we will show you how to ensure that you are wearing your mask correctly and how to take care of your mask.


Prevent the spread by making sure that your mask fits correctly and that you are practicing good habits with your mask-wearing.

1. General wear advice

This is how the mask should fit on your face.

The mask should sit on the bridge of your nose and extend past your chin. You should be able to speak comfortably without the mask moving. 

Wearing glasses on top of your mask can help secure it on the bridge of your nose. 

Do nots with your mask.

Avoid touching your mask after you've worn it.
Hands off. Make sure you adjust your mask when it's clean.

This is a sleep mask. We don't sell those.

Your mask should always fully cover your nose and mouth.
We've recently uncovered research that shows that your nose is connected to your lungs. Surprise!

Adorable. Not all that helpful. May result in angry cat.

Do not swap masks with other people, no matter how jealous they get of your GiveAMask.
They're not trading cards and this isn't a "gotta catch em all" type of thing.

2. Tighten the mask

Use the silicone adjusters, tie a knot, or make your own ear-saver.

Use the silicone adjusters that came with your mask. They slide up and down to help tighten your mask and help you achieve the perfect fit.

Tie a little knot in the elastic behind your ears to help tighten the mask.

Make your own ear-saver with a piece of elastic or yarn.

3. Loosen the mask

Attach ties or elastics to go around the back of your head.

Attach ties made of yarn or elastic and tie around your head to add length to the mask. 

Attach elastic or yarn to pull over your head when you are wearing your mask.


Taking care of your mask helps prolong the life of the mask and helps prevent the spread.

1. How to wash your mask

Hand wash or machine wash and let air-dry.

Put your mask in a mesh laundry bag and machine-wash on a delicate setting.

Wash your mask by hand with soap and warm water

Always let your mask air-dry.  
Avoid heat from dryers and irons as they may damage the elastic. 

2. How to put on silicone adjusters

Changed elastic? Never had them? They just slipped off? It's all good.
Use a needle and thread, bobby pin, crochet hook, or a paper clip!

1. Oh no! 

2. Thread through the silicone adjuster.

3. Loop around the elastic and back through the silicone adjuster.

4. Pull the elastic through the silicone adjuster, and you're done!
That was easy, wasn't it? :)

3. How to change the elastic

Elastic worn through? Want a different colour to be more fashionable? 
You can use a bobby pin, needle and thread, paperclip, or a crochet hook. 

1. Cut the elastic where it overlaps.

2. Pull the elastic out. 

3. Thread elastic through a bobby pin. 

4. Use the bobby pin to pull the elastic into the edge of the mask.

5. Pull the bobby pin and the elastic through the edge of the mask.

6. Pull only one piece of the elastic all the way through.

7. Tie the two pieces of an elastic into a very tight knot and pull the knot into the edge of the mask.

8. Ta-da! Good as new. 
Need to put the silisone adjuster on? Look at our tutorial above.