The Unity Mask, Phi Delta Theta

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    • Buy a Made-in-Canada product and support local
    • We donate at least one mask for every one sold on our site

Exterior fabric: Poly-Cotton blend.
Interior fabric: Unbleached organic 100% cotton.
Elastic: Stretchy, durable, and comfortable. 1/5 inch.

We're all in this together. Made in Ontario.

Our newest comfortable and light-weight mask, now with adjustable elastics. Our new design allows the elastic to be easily replaced, prolonging the life of the mask (because sustainability matters), and giving you a way to add a little bit of customisation for a more personal feel. 

Wear It Proudly.

Your mask is so much more than a piece of cloth you put over your face: it's a sign that you care about others, and you made the choice to give back in this time of crisis. 

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product image

Support Local.

Your mask is handmade in Canada, meticulously sewn and finished to ensure that you receive a durable, comfortable garment to protect the people you love. 

Toughen Up, Buttercup.

Your mask won't wear out. The outer fabric is Poly/Cotton Twill. Elastics are replaceable, so if you need to replace it, you can. We even sell replacement elastics.

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